The Best Way to Present and Report Your Data

We have seen so many bad examples and sat through hour-long presentations on KPIs and measurement charts with a great set of data pieces and an endless number of slides. So we decided to write about the best way to present and report your data. This process applies to all kinds of businesses and business cases with any analytics background and data coming from any measurement system. This simple process will help you get the best out from data. 

What did you find?

The first phase of the process is data findings. From any analytics system, you will have huge chunks of data streams that will generate results for you. You spot a correlation between two variables or you spot a trend in a timeframe on one metrics. If you have goals already, they can help you focus on where to look for findings.

Present your findings clear and straightforward. Discuss what you have found and what you think this pattern means for your business partners. A simple visual representation can help evaluate the findings.


What did you learn?

The second phase of the process is learnings, takeaways or insights. This phase is where your analytics experts come along, analyze the findings and come up with great learnings. Learnings are explanations of data results: a simple objective explanation of the ‘Why is this happening?’

Learnings have in-depth meanings. Your business and business case gives the context for every learning and drives them to actionable insights. Present your learnings in correlation to your business: what benefits will our business have with these learnings.

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What will you do?

A perfect data presentation is nothing without actionable insights turned into marketing actions. You’ve got your findings, you’ve put them in context with the learnings, now what will you do to drive the business forward? In this part, a strategic mindset works best, but a considerable degree of marketing expertise also won’t hurt.

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