Marketing Analytics Q&A: Getting the Most Out of Your Data Reports

Knowing the tools to harvest data from your site is easy, but getting relevant insights that are actionable is hard. In our weekly Q&A session with Neil Walter, we walked through the essentials differences between insights and data. If you would like to participate in our next Q&A and ask your questions, please sign up and register here. As some of the questions contained business information, we only show the general ones here as we’re always respecting our clients’ and prospects’ privacy.

Getting the Most Out of Your Data Reports


We use Google Analytics and Omniture to measure the traffic on our site, but the two tools show different figures, why?

 There’s always a discrepancy between two measurement tools. What you need to check is that the amount of discrepancy and the constant gap between the figures. If you can figure out which tool can’t pick up a particular type of traffic that the other tool can, fix the issue and narrow the gap. But having a small 5% difference between tools is ok.

I know what my goals are, but the tool that I use to measure my KPIs can’t deliver insights, what should I do?

The tool that you are using – if it’s an in-depth analytics tool, like Google Analytics – can produce the stats you need, only your setup has some hiatuses. Try to synchronize other tools together if you still have empty spaces, like adding your AdWords account to your Analytics or use Facebook Pixel to measure your Facebook PPC ads. You only need to do the setup right once.

How can I determine the amount of reporting I need and the frequency of reports?

If your site produces content on a weekly schedule, you might need a more frequent reporting. If your site is static for months, you might only require quarterly reports. Some clients only need one-off reports to determine the issues and get actionable insights to solve them. Only do reports if they are useful for you.

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