Marketing Analytics Q&A: How Growth Hacking Improves Customer Acquisition

Growth hacking is part of the marketing techniques for years now, and it’s still a grey area for some of us. In our weekly Q&A session with Neil Walter, we walked through the essentials on growth hacking and how to use it to generate more leads to your business. If you would like to participate in our next Q&A and ask questions, please sign up and register here. To respect our clients’ and prospects’ privacy, we have decided to feature queries which are general in nature and those which do not include sensitive business information. 

How Growth Hacking Improves Customer Acquisition


Where does a growth hacker fit into a marketing team?

Essentially, growth hackers should be in the marketing technologist team, bouncing between the content marketing team and the digital developers. Growth hackers are part insights experts, content marketers, digital marketing specialists, and developers.

What are the essential skills that we can expect from a growth hacker?

They should know the very basic concept of coding to understand how a digital property built up. They should have a detailed, in-depth knowledge in digital analytics and metrics as they need to measure their activities and performance. They have to know a lot of content production and the grounds of content marketing, although a great content marketer can be a substitute. A robust digital direct marketing knowledge could also help. Overall, they are an all-rounder with the emphasizes on insights and digital marketing.

What are the most reliable social media listening tools?

Sysomos and BrandWatch are the most popular and they are all worth to try. Overall, most of the social media listening tools have the same abilities or sort of, the main difference between the tools is the user experience which can reflect the pricing. The main advantages of using a social media listening tool are to get visual reports on all social channels and have retrospective data on your brand.

How to get to communities and harness the power of a community to generate more leads?

Sometimes astroturfing could work, mainly if you only want to plant simple leads. But you should watch out for the tone of voice and reliability – you have to be integrated into the community where you want to talk. A more efficient way is to use a growth hacker’s knowledge and target individual communities with ads, promotions and any magnets that can pull customers to your website

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