Marketing Analytics Q&A: Social Media for B2B Communication

Most of the social media channels are a Business to Consumer (B2C), but can they be used for Business to Business (B2B) communications as well? And how efficiently? In our weekly Q&A session with Neil Walter, we talked through the areas of B2B social media communication. If you would like to participate in our next Q&A and ask your questions, please sign up and register here. As some of the issues contain business information, we only show the general ones here as we’re always respecting our clients’ and prospects’ privacy.

Social Media for B2B Communication

Where should I structure my social media team?

Your social media team should be your go-to point for all of your sales people and marketing team. They should be placed horizontally on your wider communication team to get the most out from social media in the benefit of a better marketing.

What’s the main difference between LinkedIn ads and AdWords?

Targeting. With LinkedIn, you can find people and not the people’s interests like in AdWords. You can communicate directly to the decision makers of related companies. This communication can be business/personal through LinkedIn messages or a sponsored story your organisation can share online. This sophisticated targeting though comes with a bigger price cap compared to traditional ads like AdWords.

How should I determine on the platforms?

Don’t determine on them, use as many social platforms as you can maintain with good content. If you are highly sales-led, and you focus on lead generation mainly, focus on LinkedIn first and build up a smooth process to funnel those leads. If you are more into branding, use any other social media channels you would like and those which you can fill up with relevant content.

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