Marketing Analytics Q&A: Using Data Analytics to Get More Out of Customer Service

Digital customer service is on the rise but how can you turn it into a powerhouse with digital analytics. In our weekly Q&A session with Neil Walter, we talked through the efficient digital customer service practices. If you would like to participate in our next Q&A and ask your questions, please sign up and register here. As some of the questions contained business information, we only show the general ones here as we’re always respecting our clients’ and prospects’ privacy.

We have just launched our digital product. Do we need to step into customer service or we can wait until we have a serious demand from our clients?

The simple answer is yes; you need to step in. You need to have at least your customer service policies and the measurement in place. However, you can wait for the higher demand from customers to make things serious, but make sure, your approach to digital customer service is scalable.

We get a lot of negative reviews and comments on our digital platforms. How can we handle them?

Hate speech and irrelevant comments has to be deleted immediately, there are amazing tools for their management like Conversocial. Negative reviews however cannot be combated, but the damage can be managed by acting promptly and fast with a cutting edge customer service. Digital analytics can help you to understand the negative reviewers and the reason behind the reviews.

We use live chat functions on our site for customer service purposes. How can digital analytics help to perform better on live chat?

Simply by connecting your live chat customer service with your digital analytics team or tool. When a logged in user engages on a live chat support, the customer service will know whom they are dealing with. If they have live data on the customer’s actions, they will have a pretty clear idea on what would be the issue, even before talking to the customer. All customer service personnel has to know how customer insights work, they can use it to prevent and proactively solve customer service issues.

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