Walter Analytics Insights Resource Roundup 2016

The year 2016 is almost up with just 3 months more to go. Over the past couple of years, we’ve experimented around and tried different ways to deliver valuable content to our readers.


We’ve come up with a lot of strategies to ensure that our readers are delivered helpful and informative content. With that said, we’ve rounded up some of our popular topics this year. Let’s take a step back and revisit them:

How Growth Hacking Can Help Build a Sustainable Business

Check out our basic intro to growth hacking and how it can add value to your business.

How to Use Social Media Channels for B2B Strategy

Here’s how you can take advantage of the various social media platforms to take your B2B Strategy up a notch!

Why You Need Video In Your Content Marketing

Video content has been increasingly popular and made even more so by social networking platforms due to its ability to engage the audience. If you’re still not convinced or still second-guessing whether to add videos to your content arsenal, we’ve highlighted the reasons for you to think it through with this article.

How To Use Google Analytics To Know Your Customers: 3 Practical Tips

Get to know more about your customers and their behaviour in the purchasing funnel using Google Analytics. We’ve compiled 3 practical tips to guide you.

Marketing Analytics Q&A: How Growth Hacking Improves Customer Acquisition

In case you missed our Growth Hacking Q&A, we’ve compiled some of the best questions during the session!

How to Take Advantage of the New Mobile Advertising Updates

Following Google’s latest update on responsive display ads, separate device bidding, and the Expanded Text ads, we decide to enumerate ways on how you can take advantage of these changes.

Why Mobile Users Matter in Display Advertising

Discover why mobile is always a point to consider in every marketing campaign.

Emerging Trends in Mobile Advertising

If you’re keen on connecting to a continuously evolving and diverse market, mobile is the way to go. Check out the emerging trends in mobile advertising and take advantage of them in your next marketing campaign.

Marketing Analytics Q&A: Analytics Battle Plan for 2016

The year 2016 is nearing its end, but this article still packs quite a punch! Use this as your guide to start planning for the year ahead.

Top 5 Tips to Succeed in Email Marketing

If you’re looking to create an email marketing campaign plan, then be sure to check out this article for tips!

Are there any topics in particular that you would like to be featured on our blog? What would you like to be featured next? Feel free to comment it down or connect with us!

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