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Who we are

Walter Analytics is a digital consultancy that helps clients optimise marketing campaigns and improve business understanding of results. We do this through projects that analyse available marketing data, and create recommendations for improvements including implementation of solutions and software. We also train internal teams to increase their knowledge and skills in digital, marketing, and analytics.


We are Google Partners, EyeQuant Attention Analytics Certified Experts and members of the Australian Marketing Institute.

To find out more about us, please read Our Principles and Contact Us to discuss a potential project!

EyeQuant Experts

What we do

We enable clients to understand their online market, their competitors and the opportunities available to them. We consult across a range of digital marketing issues including SEO Opportunities, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Web Analytics, Testing, Social & Content Optimisation, Email Marketing & Launch Sequences. We focus on providing high value action points to our clients. We also work on creating measurable digital marketing strategy documents and conduct full digital audits for organisations with a larger digital presence. We usually work alongside existing agencies and fulfilment providers according to the preferences of the client.

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Our Team

Walter Analytics maintains a diverse in-house team to manage client delivery of projects and also has an expert group of consultants that provide expertise in areas such as Search, Social, Analytics, Data Mining, Email Marketing, Usability, Gamificaiton and Sales Optimisation that we consult on a per project and regular monthly advisory basis.

Our consulting group allows us to leverage individual expertise and provide more value to projects and complex problems that arise during project discussion and delivery. Our group has extensive experience in Australian and overseas markets, and are often developing their own innovative projects in their area of expertise.

Given the rapid changing nature of digital marketing and the lack of formal training in the space, we have decided to remain agile and build up a group of consultants that can provide the highest value solutions to our clients on demand; ensuring they are among the best in the industry.


Neil Walter
Founder & Managing Director


Neil is the founder of Walter Analytics with over 10 years of experience across the Australian, North American, European, and Asian markets specialising in optimising customer acquisition through Analytics, Conversion Optimisation, and Search. He has consulted for over 40 organisations - including multinational enterprises, small and medium businesses, non-profits, and startups.

Neil leads the Walter Analytics team and works as the principal consultant on most projects. Neil works with new clients to determine their needs before introducing them to wider specialists in the team.

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Peter Benei
Thought Leadership Manager


Peter heads the Thought Leadership aspect of our marketing strategy responsible in creating informational content on our Walter Analytics Insights blog.

Peter is our inbound marketing expert and analytics consultant. He's responsible for Walter Analytics inbound and outbound marketing programmes and helps with analytics research.


EA / Team Manager


Jelie is the manager of Walter Analytics' daily operations, making sure that everything runs smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

Jelie not only provides leadership and assistance on internal project development as well as overseas staff management, but also helps administers many of our analytics tools to gather information on clients and competitors.


Creative Writer


Angelica helps manage our external content strategy - including monthly client newsletters, Walter Insights and Social Media presence. Angelica assists our Copy Editor and Thought Leadership Manager with research and content creation.

Angelica ensures that our clients and the team are kept up to date with the latest developments in digital marketing - and follows industry publications to ensure continuous learning for the team.


Pao Alcantara
Web Developer


Pao is our go-to web guy extraordinaire. He manages the technical and design aspects of Walter Analytics' websites and ensures they are running in tiptop shape.

Our Principles

Principle #1 – We use data  and testing every available opportunity.

Collecting and interpreting data is the core of our business. The reason that we put so much emphasis on data is that it allows us to draw useful conclusions and make recommendations to clients that are quantitatively backed. We believe that an organisation will improve its results by consistently analysing data and actively undertaking testing. Testing allows constant experimental backed improvement.

For more reading, please see the article Why is data and testing important?

Principle #2 – We don’t sell “cookie cutter” services.

Digital marketing is cluttered with companies offering services such as SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing and Brand Identity.

We believe that these services can be beneficial to different organisations at different stages, but their value differs depending on what stage your organisation is at. Our goal is to help you understand what services you actually need and why you need them.

By teaching you the value of each service available and how they may be used together, you are better armed to make decisions on external providers and understand their value.

For more information on this topic, read the article: Data. Insight. Conversion. – What Really Matters?

Principle #3 – We work for the long-term gain of your organisation.

We don’t believe that you can obtain Page 1 Google results in 90 days or double your sales overnight. Some clients achieve large gains after a short period of time, but the majority achieve their largest gains by restructuring their thinking and adhering to an ongoing schedule of testing and refinement.

If you’re looking for large short term gains, or have unreasonable expectations of what’s possible due to the advertising of others, then just ask us directly for an opinion. We’ll tell you if you are being realistic or not, and likely save you a lot of time and money.

If you’re willing to commit to ongoing testing, feedback, and refinement – then please inquire on how we can help you.

Principle #4 – We keep you up to date and informed, so you can make the best decisions.

We make sure that you are constantly kept up to date with the latest tools and strategies and can take advantage of new networks and tools before your competitors do. Through Walter Insights and our private clients newsletter - you will find out about things before your competition does.

Principle #5 – We are direct, honest & transparent.

We often take the decision to reject projects with potential clients because we can see it is difficult for them to be more successful from potential recommendations and achieve a positive ROI. We don’t want to do projects for the sake of doing them, and disappoint clients in the process.

If you do work with us, you will find us direct, transparent and honest at all times. This means we will tell it like it is, even if we don't have good news. We believe that great results are achieved by ensuring lines of communication remain open and understanding the positive and negatives of problems and their solutions.

Our Approach

We always begin a project by assessing available data - such as Google Analytics, or from private databases we subscribe to. We like to understand the market and current reality before diving into a project.