3 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from an Outsider’s View

Companies struggle in their marketing efforts in various ways: figuring out new strategies, evaluating the current ones, implementing new methods or just having a new fresh idea to start. Ultimately, there are two ways to solve these issues: hire an internal expert and give him a budget to work with or ask an outsider expert’s help. In this article, we showcase the benefits of outsourcing an expert outside your team.

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No office politics and corporate dance here – objectivity on fire

Let’s be honest, as an employee of a company you need to defend your turf no matter what and you need to put yourself on the podium every day to gain recognition. This practice can profoundly distort the objective justification of any marketing campaign produced by an internal marketing team. Though we don’t believe in an entirely outsourced marketing portfolio, we do believe in an outsourced marketing expert team who can help with an objective view on the overall approach. We highly recommend implementing most of the marketing activities internally but we also recommend having an external team to create, evaluate and encourage internal teams. In an ideal situation, these teams have no concerns on defending domestic turfs.

A rookie’s enthusiasm with a senior’s expertise – the power of a fresh start

Hiring an external marketing team has the same effect as introducing a new employee to your company. Ideally, the new employee walks in with tonnes of courage and fire, reorganising cemented structures, implementing new visions and ready to change the whole system. This fresh start mostly slows down as time passes and the monotony of working days’ returns. The external team has no such concerns, every client is new, every project is new. Normally they have more than one client so the team is constantly on fire and motivated by new projects. The best way to bring in new ideas to your company is to hire an outsider.


Day-to-day routine kills creativity – the source of external fire

The daily routine in the office slowly kills the enthusiasm. Keeping the staff motivated – this is the first issue that every human resources expert wants to solve. It is easy to lose sight of strategic objectives and get drained. An outside expert can help boost the efforts.

Overall, fresh ideas, enthusiasm and the objectivity of bird’s eye view come from external sources but the thorough understanding of the business and the commitment to succeed should originate from the inside. That’s why we believe in the fully transparent and continuous cooperation between client and agency which harnesses the power of both sides.

Check how an outsider view can help you in our weekly Q&A this Friday. All questions are welcome, we’re here to help your business grow.

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