7 Tips for a Better Video Content

As customers are turning away from traditional media and focusing on digital video to discover and experience brands, digital video format is becoming increasingly important. Digital video also has the highest average click-through rate (1.8%) of any digital format. With the introduction of small, short videos in 2015, this particular content format will become more and more important for marketers. But what makes a video stand out? What would be the right video quality for your company?


An excellent digital video content creates more engagement than any other media formats. But what makes a video stand out? These are the tips that help you to create amazing video content:

    1. Your video works well in short and long formats. Whether it’s a 6-minutes pre-roll or Vine video or a full YouTube video, your content tells your message to your audience
    2. Optimise the video for mobile as well. And this doesn’t mean technically like a site because most of the video platforms are optimised for mobile. If it can’t deliver your message on a small screen, consider using another storyboard
    3. Present a problem, a process, and your solution. With this simple 3-step journey, you can showcase your service or product in a very easy-to-consume form; the video is there only to illustrate this journey

  1. Have a purpose in mind. If you want to hunt leads, raise awareness, or you have other goals, your video has to reflect that goal somehow
  2. Create a transcript for SEO. By creating a transcript of description of your video, you are adding another layer of search engine magnet, plan and write your content carefully with your keywords in mind
  3. Don’t overuse templates. There are many stock video sites, and there are automated video tutorial services as well but keep in mind, no matter your audience, users prefer original content instead of templates.
  4. Go experiment! Video is a more open platform than text. You can try out many forms of content with it from talking heads, group sessions, screencasts and other traditional video formats. Remember that format is irrelevant if it does not deliver your message to your audience.

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