Addressing New Goals During a Website Update With Analytics

Earlier, we discussed the obvious signs that you need to redesign your website and how to determine the issues that need to be fixed while redesigning your website. The next step is to look into new goals for the updated site and how to address these goals.

Addressing New Goals During a Website Update With Analytics

In this article, we will discuss some common goals for a website redesign and how to address them.

Here are some of the general goals that may come to mind during a site update:

1. You want to improve your website traffic

By analysing your website traffic, you will have a fair understanding of your traffic sources enabling you to identify which channels to focus your marketing efforts. Optimising your website for search engines will also be effective if you properly analyse the data from your analytics reports.

2. You want to improve content on your site

With digital analytics, which pages have high exit rates and which of your keywords deliver the highest traffic. You can apply the data and analysis to align with your new website design. Analysing your traffic sources can help you create your copy to match the channels where you get the most visitors for a boost in engagement.

3. You want to improve user experience and conversion

With analytics, you can use the data to identify which User Experience element is costing you your website traffic and conversions. Slow loading pages and 404 errors are some of the UX issues you can identify with analytics.

Tracking your goals and funnels and event tracking using Google Analytics will help you determine which parts of your website worked best for your conversion goals which you can retain in your new website design.

Remember that the goals mentioned above are just a few of many possible goals and that A/B testing before implementation is always recommended to achieve your website goals.

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