Call Forwarding for Google AdWords: Now Available in Australia

Good news for Australian advertisers and business using AdWords! What used to be only available for US, France, German and UK businesses, Call Forwarding for Google AdWords has now opened its doors to the Australian market. Australian businesses and advertisers will now have access to Google Forwarding phone numbers.


With the last year’s policy of Google Adwords to disapprove ads that contain businesses’ phone numbers came the release of Google AdWords call extensions feature. Google forwarding phone numbers are a set of numbers, unique to your ad, used to help you track the calls to your business. This makes us at Walter Analytics excited because we can now tell you if a phone call was a result of someone seeing your ads!


When a Google forwarding number is used along with the call extensions feature, Google automatically assigns a phone number unique to your ad. These phone numbers will then be added in your ads and can be viewed in your laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. With forwarding numbers, the calls you receive may now be counted as conversions with complete details of the calls.

Google AdWords Forwarding Number Viewed in Desktop Source: Supplied

Google AdWords Forwarding Number Viewed in Desktop
Source: Supplied

For mobile users, a call icon will be shown prompting users to call directly via their mobile devices.

Google AdWords Forwarding Number Viewed in Mobile Device Source: Supplied

Google AdWords Forwarding Number Viewed in Mobile Device
Source: Supplied



A travel agent notices that she’s gotten more phone calls since adding call extensions, and wants to better understand this phone traffic. She adds a Google forwarding number to her call extensions, and now she can see where her customers may be calling from (with the area code), when they’re calling, and how long the calls last. She sees calls lasting more than two minutes tend to lead to sales, so she chooses to count those calls as conversions. Later, she sees that her conversions are coming from the 717 area code, so she thinks about targeting ads to the corresponding region. – Google AdWords


With the recent addition of Australia with which Google call forwarding is now available, Australian businesses and advertisers can now:

  • TRACK PHONE CALLS PERFORMANCE. With this feature, you will now be able to track phone calls (either  made directly via call button or manually), phone impression and phone-through rate.
  • BREAKDOWNS OF CALLS BY DEVICE. With this feature, you can now track calls made through the call button on mobile devices, track calls dialled manually and track the number of clicks made through the call button.
  • SEE THE DETAILS OF PHONE CALLS. This features allows advertisers to track the start time, call duration, end time, status of calls (received or missed), call area code, and phone cost.
  • SET-UP AND OPTIMISATION OF PHONE CALLS. This feature allows advertisers to determine if the duration of a phone call is enough to deem it a conversion.


The use of Google AdWords forwarding numbers with your ads is free of charge. However, you will still be charged the usual CPC when your ads are clicked or when the callers make the call via the call button on their mobile devices. Manual calls are free.


Phone number not showing in your ads? Here are some of the factors that determine the visibility of extensions.

  • Seller ratings
  • Keyword quality
  • Other extensions enabled
  • Position of ad in Google search page

For a more comprehensive explanation about how Google AdWords Call Forwarding may be able to boost your conversions and sales, visit us at Walter Analytics.

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