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Angelica manages the external content strategy of Walter Analytics - including monthly client newsletters and Walter Insights. Angelica works with the team to ensure that our clients are kept up to date with the latest developments in digital marketing - and follows industry publications to ensure continuous learning for our consultants.

Apple Opens iAd Platform To More Businesses

iAd Logo

Source: Apple Inc

What used to be available only to a select few [developers, in particular] will now be available to more businesses. Four years ago during its launch, the price to run an ad campaign on iAd cost a cool $1 million. Now? With a minimum of $50, even small businesses can run their ad campaigns in the iAd platform. What does this mean for small businesses? Simple. You can now utilize the iAd platform to reach out to a larger market — the  iOS consumer base, in particular.


With iAd, you can now reach out to millions of iOS consumers worldwide. You can now connect with Apple device users everyday as they listen to iTunes Radio or while they are using their apps from the multitude selections found in the App Store. It’s as easy as clicking the link to your ad, watch your videos, explore your product offerings or make purchases without disrupting what they’re doing. It’s as seamless as it can get.