How Your Colour Choices Affect Conversion

What elements of your site compels users to convert? Do you think it has something to do with your sites’s  colour scheme? Read on to learn more about how to harness the effects of colour.

Source: KISSmetrics

Source: KISSmetrics

When Performable changed the colour of their CTA button from green to red, they saw a 21% increase  in conversion. And when Ript Apparel changed a CTA button color from read to yellow, they saw a 6% increase in sales. Why is that? How big an impact do color choices make in your conversion rates and sales?

As humans are very visual. And with that comes the effects in our perception, mood, behaviour and decisions, with colour being the stimulus. So how can colour affect your chances of conversion and sales?


We are all too knowledgeable about how colour is one main factor in our choices. How the bland washed out colour of overcooked food and dull almost sad coloured clothes makes us steer clear of them. The same thing is at play when consumers make choices. In your ads, product listings and website, colour affects your conversion rates. We have to consider what appeals to our audience. We only take a little over 2 minutes to decide on our purchases and with that 90% of our decision making is based on the colour.


There are a few factors to consider with regards to colour choices. One of which is gender. There are colours with which men can relate to that women can’t. Of course, we can also expect a partial similarity [if not complete similarity] to colours with which the male and female genders can and can’t relate to that might affect their choices and decisions. Another factor to consider is the colour-vision of our audiences. We have to consider those that are colour-vision impaired. For instance, almost everyone can clearly see the colour blue as compared to the colours red and green which makes blue a top choice.

Colour is one of the many elements that can make a difference in conversion rate. Through A/B testing Walter Analytics makes incremental improvements to your conversion rates that can provide thousands of dollars in value.

Source: KISSmetrics

Source: KISSmetrics

We at Walter Analytics use an A/B testing method to get real results and improve conversions for clients. Visit us for a comprehensive consultation.

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