Decoding SnapChat’s Popularity

SnapChat is a fast growing platform that is not eclipsed by giants such as Facebook. It’s an emerging platform which has caught the interest of Millennials and marketers alike.


SnapChat drives 6 billion daily video views – all from mobile devices. That is a massive number. To snapchat-1374859_1280
compare it, Facebook has 8 billion daily video views, and YouTube has 4 billion. SnapChat’s traffic comes only from mobile, which makes it super unique. It is not for teens only – three-quarters of US users are above 18 and more and more people joining the platform above 25 as well. According to Ecommerceworld, it is the 4th largest social network now behind Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the highest growing platform in 2016. Importance is not an issue anymore rather than how to determine the success of the content we put up on SnapChat.

Having fun with influencers

Not just for teens anymore

SnapChat’s launch was widely welcomed and used by those in their teens. Now the picture is more lively and diverse than that. Most of the users on SnapChat are people above 18 and there’s an increasing number of users who are above 25 as well. It is the quintessential app for millennials.

Traditional options to advertise

Of course, like all other social networks, SnapChat offers the opportunity to place ads on users feeds. You can create easy Snap Ads, much like the same as you do in Instagram, YouTube or any other interactive social media platforms. Snap Ads will appear on users feed as a 10 seconds limited snap video. You can also utilise SnapChat’s unique features like SnapChat Live Stories and Snap Lenses but these are either only usable with a live offline event, or they are very costly.

The way-to-go approach

SnapChat shines the best when brands advertise with influencers. Usually, a brand sponsors an influencer with product placement or any endorsement, leveraging their community. But SnapChat has more to offer with SnapChat Takeovers. In this, a highly respected SnapChat influencer with a huge community base, takes over a brands SnapChat account to do, well, like anything. The Takeover lasts a couple of hours or even a day. The influencer encourages their user base to follow the Takeover and get to know more about the brand.

The most important metrics to measure performance

SnapChat became popular due to its privacy features. Because of the nature of this feature, the measurement is challenging to say at least. It is hard to measure something that encourages the secrecy of the users. However, there are some key insights you can get directly from the SnapChat platform.

First, you want to know how many users viewed your snaps. That is the most important metric for you, though it is pretty straight-forward and baseline. You will know pretty much strictly the exact number of users you reach with your snaps. You will also know how many users watched the full story of your SnapChat Stories.

Second, you want to know how loyal your followers and how engaging the content you create. SnapChat has limited options to measure direct engagements but taking a screenshot of a snap is a good indicator as a user will download your snap for reuse.

SnapChat is the fastest growing social network

SnapChat will be the fastest growing social network in 2017 and will play a significant role in the social media marketing ecosystem. With this tremendous growth, SnapChat will also evolve. Now, it is a playful platform that everyone should try and experiment with, but in time, it will become an entirely professional network that can be used by any businesses. This will also come with extensive metrics and analytics systems.

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