So you think email is an old-fashioned marketing tool? Think again!

Remember the times when memes – not yet having this name at that point – were shared through email chains in the office? Oh yes, at those times we had the highest email open rates. Gary Vaynerchuk once said that his wine store’s marketing emails had an above 90% open rate. That was back in the 90s, now 9% is considered a success. Email is still very much alive and is still a kickass and effective marketing tool. So what happened? Let’s find out in this article.


Email still has an average open rate of 20% and 2-3% click-through rate

When social media marketing emerged few years ago – and remember that it is still in its baby shoes – every marketing professional dug a grave for email marketing. And not just for marketing but also for email. Remember Google Wave for example, which was created to substitute the email as a communication tool in the name of social media? Email was considered ‘uncool’ and ‘old-fashioned.’ We witnessed 70-90% open rates for email marketing campaigns in the 90s and 2000s and with the introduction of social media it declined to 30% and 20%. But it stopped there. Just to put into perspective: an average Facebook page delivers its content and posts only for the 5-10% of their audience and only has a 1% or less engagement rate. So 20% open rate (visibility) and 2-3% CTR (engagement) are still considered a fail? We don’t think so.


Email is personal and not a channel

There are very strict policies against spamming. People’s mailboxes are still considered as a private sphere of their lives so invading them is still an offense. This is not the case with a spammy promotion-based Facebook page or Twitter feed. When people sign up for a newsletter, it showcases an interest which is a far stronger bond than hitting a small like on a page or a follow button. These subscribers let that brand into their private lives. The still high 20-30% open rates are the consequences.

Email is also not a channel like a Facebook page. There’s no conversation in a newsletter. Only content delivered to a user based on their personal interests and expectations. Anyone who treats newsletters as a channel will ultimately fail, so instead of using a conversation platform adapt to the context and deliver messages to an already interested group.


Email is one of the best platforms for measuring engagement

Everyone knows that if something cannot be measured – it does not exist. There are plenty of options to measure your site’s performance or the delivery of your social media ads, but email will always be different. It is over-personalized and can be measured individually so the email marketing manager will know what each user does and how they engage with the newsletter’s content. This gives a cutting edge advantage over other platforms.

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