Emerging Trends in Mobile Advertising

Consumers prefer mobile over desktop when it comes to shopping or content consumption. Mobile referral traffic is taking over desktop usage. It is not a question of how important  mobile is. The question is how to capitalise on mobile usage. Here are the most important trends in mobile advertising.

Source: iBeacon.com

Source: iBeacon.com

If you’re keen on expanding your current market or would like to reach out to a vast market, you have to connect to them where they currently are regarding device usage.

Ads on Wearables

Tablets and smartphones shouldn’t be the only devices to target advertising. With the introduction of wearables in the market, consumers were quick to hop on the trend. Constant innovation has led some brands to upgrade wearables with technology that is compatible to marketing but with considerable limitations due to privacy concerns.

While this can be considered a challenge at the moment, it’s good to keep a close eye on this trend in the future.

PPC on Content Marketing

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you should know how big mobile is right now. Now, couple that with content marketing and you’re on your way to paving your mobile path to purchase.

There are three kinds of online searches:

  1. Navigational
  2. Informational
  3. Transactional

Navigational and Transactional users are typically intent on having just one action in mind; wherein navigational consumers have a particular destination in mind and transactional consumers search for a specific product. Informational searches are those who are more likely to purchase after researching about the product. Most consumers nowadays are more inclined to belong to the Informational category.

Let’s also not discount the fact that mobile usage to access social media networks is regularly growing. And with a vast audience, B2B and B2C alike, using PPC to promote content on Social Media is also the next big thing.

Integrating retail/eCommerce with PPC Strategies

Imagine your target consumers walking past a shop with their mobile phones and they get notified of sales, promos or reminders linking to an app you have installed on your mobile.

With the iBeacon technology, advertisers and marketers can engage their audience using ads targeting their immediate needs.

Integrating Click-to-Call Ad Extensions

Of course, it’s only obvious to take advantage of a smartphone’s primary function which is to make/accept calls as another Mobile PPC optimisation. You can now use Ad Extensions to make conversions easier by allowing consumers to connect to you through calls directly from your ads.

Video Advertising

Encompassing a vast variety of platforms and channels, global reach of video advertising is expanding. This is especially true for mobile users. Video Advertising proves to be an excellent way to increase conversions if done right.

Connect with Walter Analytics if you’re keen to know more about these trends and how you can leverage them in your marketing.

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