A Guide to e-Commerce Tracking

Are you getting the most out of your eCommerce website? How is it doing regarding performance? If you don’t know the answer to this, most likely, you haven’t measured its performance. This has been discussed in general during the previous article, but we will focus on e-Commerce websites.

A Guide to e-Commerce Tracking

As earlier discussed, your site’s Key Performance Indicators or KPIs has a significant reliance on your website goals. In this case, an eCommerce website. Below are some important KPIs to measure:

  • eCommerce Conversion Rate
  • Cart Abandonment Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • Products Per Order

If you have an existing eCommerce website, cart abandonment rate should be one of the first metrics to focus on and improve. It’s important to analyse what made these visitors decide not to go through with the checkout process.

Here are some examples of tracking tools best suited for eCommerce websites:

The tools stated above aren’t the only possible tools best suited for eCommerce tracking, but for this article, we will highlight MixPanel as the tool of choice.

Why MixPanel?

MixPanel’s user interface and design are user-friendly and very easy to use without the need for much tuning and settings. MixPanel also lets you view data, updated in real-time, which has advanced features you can use to filter for certain events.

Pricing for MixPanel depends on the number of data points you need. Data points are counted everytime an event is tracked with MixPanel. They are described as tracking credits. A free account is credited with 25,000 data points, to begin with. Paid plans start from $150/month for 500,000 data points, $350/month for 2,000,000 data points, $600/month for 4,000,000 data points, $1000/month for 8,000,000 data points and $2000/month for 20,000,000 data points.

Feel free to connect with us if you wish to learn more about your eCommerce website performance, opportunities to improve its performance and what tools are a perfect fit for your business.

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