A Guide to Web Traffic Tracking

How’s your website doing? If you have no idea, then you probably haven’t been measuring your web performance. If you don’t measure your web performance then you can’t possibly put a value on your website nor can you determine how to improve your site’s performance.

A Guide to Web Traffic Tracking

Your Website Key Performance Indicators or KPIs pertains to a set of measurement of performance regarding your website goals. To define your KPI, you have to set specific goals depending on the type of your website.

Most common types of KPIs include, but are not limited to:

  • Website Traffic
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Lead Generation

Let’s focus on website traffic for now.

Website traffic, in general terms, refers to the number of people visiting your website. This could be further broken down into paid traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic, and referral traffic.

Here are some examples of website traffic tracking tools:

Various free and paid tools enables you to track your website traffic aside from those mentioned above. Today we will highlight KISSMetrics as the tool of choice.

Why KISSMetrics?

KISSMetrics hosts a robust set of features that lets you track beyond just page views. Not only that, but the setup process is considerably easier than most tools as it does not require you to write code. KISSMetrics makes a great alternative to Google Analytics.

With KISSMetrics, you can track visitors and monitor their activities even before converting enabling users to gain insights of consumer behaviour before purchasing. With this knowledge, you can improve your funnel according to consumer behaviour to increase conversions.

KISSMetrics also hosts unlimited reports for funnels, cohorts, retentions, customer profiles, conversions and even A/B Test Reports with real-time data.

As powerful a tool KISSMetrics may be, it does not come cheap. The Startup package starts at $120/month, the Growth package at $400/month and the Power package at $600/month. But, worry not! You can get a feel of this tool by requesting a demo account before deciding to shell out cash for the full version.

Feel free to connect with us if you wish to learn more about website performance metrics and how to leverage them to improve your website performance.

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