Why You Need Video In Your Content Marketing

As customers turn away from traditional media and focus on digital video to discover and experience brands, the digital video format is becoming increasingly relevant. Video also has the highest average click-through rate (1.8%) of any digital format. With the introduction of short videos in 2015, it is sure to become more and more important for marketers. But exactly why do you need to include video into your marketing plan?


Video is more descriptive than text

You can fit in more content and info in a video than a text post. Videos are more descriptive in all cases as compared to text posts. You can convey just as much information with a short video as you would with a long-form content. The difference? A video is easier to consume, it gives information quicker, it’s usually more engaging and actionable, and it gives off a more premium feeling of content. It is also the best way to show your product or service in action. By demonstrating your product or service in a video, with an extensive demonstration of the process, you can build trust more than you can do with a long sales-orientated text.

Video is more SEO / SEM friendly

There is nothing more shareable than a short video. Research shows that having a video on your site with the exact keywords that you use for SEO can seriously boost your site rankings. It is also easier to share as the video sites like YouTube have fantastic embedding options that are available to anyone who owns a media platform. Also if you have a video embedded in your long text post, that content becomes a more premium one, which is more shareable.

Mobile users prefer video

Mobile internet usage is not just catching up with desktop Internet but also surpasses it now. It also affects how we consume media: long text articles are the past, and video is the new form of media consumption. Also, smartphone users are often searching the web on their mobile to investigate before purchase. What’s more convenient, watching a 2 minutes’ short video or reading ten articles on a topic?

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