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Ever noticed how you get ads for products that you recently viewed on a site? Remarketing is accessible to you.

Not everyone who visits a particular site signs up or buys a service/product straight away. And not everyone who receives your email newsletters will act on said emails right away. How would you like to set up a system where your ads follow your potential customers around the web and remind them of your business? Here is where Remarketing comes in.


Remarketing is a system that helps you reach out to potential customers who have recently visited your site, viewed your products and/or opened your emails. When they leave your site without buying anything or signing up for a service, remarketing helps you reconnect with them, and remind them of your product.


A code (or a remarketing tag) will be added to all the pages of your site, and campaign emails so when potential clients visit your site or receives and email, they will be added to your remarketing list. Once they leave your site, they’ll be served with your ads while they are browsing, reading their mail or when they visit social networking sites.


There are various ways with which you can reach out to customers via remarketing.

1. Remarketing through Social Networks. After a potential clients/customer uses or views your site, they will be fed with ads directing them back to your site while they are using Facebook and Twitter.

2. Remarketing for search ads. By using relevant and effective keywords, your site ads will be served to your site visitors whenever they make a search online.

3. Remarketing for display network. Your site ads will be served to your site visitors whenever they surf the web.

Pricing plans will be different depending on which Remarketing platform will be used but expect pricing plans to be based on cost-per thousand impressions (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC). Of course, it is only an additional expense when added to your ad campaign and the cost to add the remarketing tags to your pages.


If you feel that you haven’t taken full advantage of everything digital marketing has to offer, then this platform is probably for you. Specially if your conversions and sales don’t live up to par with your expectations despite your extensive marketing strategy. Remarketing can unlock another 10% of sales simply by reminding customers about your products.

Interested? Want to know if Remarketing is a good move for your business? We at Walter Analytics will be happy to help you along with your Digital Marketing needs.

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