Top 5 Tips To Succeed in Email Marketing

We’ve talked about how email marketing is still around us, alive and well. We’ve also introduced the newest trends that will shape this industry. Now let’s move on and review the top 5 tips on how to succeed with your email marketing campaigns.


Frequency and scheduling

There’s no one-rule-fits-all here, but you have to determine the rate of your email marketing campaign. Overall you need to decide on daily, weekly or monthly frequencies. It is also important to schedule your emails for your audience. Make a decision based on your business or get help from an outside expert and plan your emails for maximum impact.

Tailor your content to your audience

Content is everything, but not everyone on your list is interested in the same content. Tailor your content to your audience, or ever better, tailor it to become a 1-on-1 communication master tool. Personalize your content for every subscriber and their activity. Start by welcoming new subscribers and introducing them to your platform. Engage differently with subscribers who enlisted in the last 1-2 weeks. Treat your buyers separately from others. This leads to our 3rd tip: segmentation.

Segment your audience

There’s one mass of subscribers, but there’s not just one list. Create multiple lists of subscribers. Use time as a factor first, segment the audience into new subscribers and early comers. Track their activity and segment them into early birds, buyers and the rest. Every client is different even though you have one tribe.

Track everything

There are 3rd party tools for email marketing, and most of the newsletter services have useful tracking options. Use these tools to track all that’s happening in the mailbox with your newsletters. Also, track everything that happens with links clicked outside the emails. Once you harnessed all the information and insights you can get from emails, you’ll be surprised how much it tells you about your customers. You can turn this data into further segments and tailor your content to your audiences.

Respect privacy but do whatever you can do to grow

We mentioned that email is the most personal marketing tool as it connects individual mailboxes with brands. Respect that privacy. It’s not just about spamming but also don’t deliver promotions where there are no listeners. But in the meantime do everything possible to grow your list. Implement popups and options where users can signup to your newsletter easily. Once users clicked ‘sign up’ you’ll have access to their most important online space: their mailbox. It’s the best long-term communication platform you can get. Respect it and grow it.

This week we will show you the newest trendsWA-W2P3-Content in email marketing and how to harness the power of emails in your marketing efforts. Please join our weekly Q&A on email marketing where we answer all of your questions.

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