Top 5 Trends in Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been here and seems it will always be. Neither social media nor the new tools of growth hacking could kill it, and it still overperforms on engagement and open rates like nothing else. More so, email marketing has grown up with the technologies around it, and now it walks hand in hand with e-commerce and mobile marketing. Here are the top 5 trends in email marketing.


Optimize for mobile

Reading an email remains the number one activity on smartphones. It is clear that every email marketing campaign has to be optimized for mobile with responsive design. There is nothing more valuable to a company than a 1-on-1 channel to a consumer with a well-targeted message in their pocket.

Targeting will be more precise

Targeting in email marketing is a bit different than in social media ads or content. But the baseline doesn’t change: people look for personalized experiences. Email automation software will evolve to a point where companies can customize and manage millions of subscribers, sending out highly-personalized emails based on their behavior.


No more HTML coding

You’ve probably seen the new era of websites, like SquareSpace and some elements of WordPress where you don’t need to do any coding to get a great website. Well, that will finally reach email as well: no more newsletter template coding. All new templates will arise, and the new templates will have all the options that any marketer needs, it’s just a matter of drag-and-drop.

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The new era of interactive emails

The one single disadvantage that email had against social media was the lack of interactivity. Now this will change with interactive email template designs. Sometimes it’s referred to as kinetic email. The new templates can offer interactive, clickable brand experiences in users’ inboxes. Animation will also play an essential part in the visuals which will drive the engagement of brands further.

Automation will kick-boost email marketing

When marketing and automation work together, magic happens. Currently, tons of triggers can force automation tools to send out personalized mail campaigns. This trend will continue to rise as new algorithms are implemented and growth hacking will be the norm of marketing.

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