Top A/B Testing Mistakes

Making blind changes to your website can potentially deliver a negative impact to your business. What you think is a good idea may do more damage than good which is why A/B Testing is always the right thing to do before going live with updates and changes.

cTop A/B Testing Mistakes

Nowadays, almost anyone can perform A/B Testing made accessible by user-friendly tools in the market. But just because it’s easy to do does not mean that setting up is all it takes.

Today, we’ll be discussing some of the top A/B Testing mistakes you should avoid.

1. Testing Without a Hypothesis

A/B Testing should not start with just setting up the actual test without establishing a hypothesis. It should be based on real data and careful analysis and not some random idea.

2. Ending a Test Too Early

Ending your test before it reaches statistical significance is another common mistake in A/B Testing. Statistical significance is when one version proves to be significantly better than the other. And no, a test does not just happen in a day. Experts advice to conduct it within a 7-day period with a 95% difference.

3. Implementing Someone Else’s Results

Blindly copying and implementing someone else’s results does not automatically mean that you will get the same results. What worked for them may not exactly work for you. Whether or not a change will work for you is something you will never know if you do not run the test yourself.

4. Testing with Too Many Variables

While it’s possible to do this, you may have trouble determining which of the variables are improving or decreasing conversions.

5. Running Too Many Tests

Once you get a hang of A/B Testing, you might find yourself enjoying the process. But beware of running too many tests once you see a lot of opportunities for improvement thinking it will save you time. This can potentially affect results.

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