Top Tools to Run a Location-Independent Business

Remote and location independent international businesses are on the rise in the late 2010s. In fact, Walter Analytics as a company and a team is also a remotely operated business. We do believe in this approach and got many questions from clients and partners on how do we manage our business without maintaining a physical office. In this week’s topic, we will explain the benefits of a location independent business, how to run a location independent business and what are the most useful tools for a manager to run the business remotely.

Top Tools to Run a Location-Independent Business

For better projects: Slack or Basecamp

Managing a project online with a location independent team isn’t that hard that you would think. A good project management tool will help you out. There are three characteristics of a good project management tool: transparent communication, organised flow, sharing availability. Your team needs to communicate on projects, and sometimes email is not the best option as it is not as flexible as a live chat. Following the progress of a project is also essential with deadlines and tasks. And there is the option to integrate other sharing services and track everything. Slack and Basecamp are the best options.

For better communication: Skype and Join.Me

There are three options to communicate instantly with your team: instant messaging or chat, conference calls and screen sharing calls. Your project management software will support your chatting needs, or you just use GChat or other services for quick one-on-one catch ups. For anything more in depth, we recommend Skype as it has excellent conference call capabilities and the service is always working. There are also needs to do demos and screen share, for that we recommend

The essentials

There are also a bunch of other smaller tools that you need to use on a daily basis. A file sharing system should be a must to store and access your corporate files on the go; Dropbox would be a valid option. Screen capture is also an essential service you need to use, especially if your business does a lot of online development and design, Droplr is a good option. Organising meetings and calls, is a good choice.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter what tools you use. What is important is that you need to make sure that everyone in your team is happy with the toolkit and can use them effectively to cooperate and work on a better location independent business.

This week we will show you how to run your business remotely. Please join our weekly Q&A where we answer all of your questions.

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