How To Use Google Analytics To Know Your Customers: 3 Practical Tips

There are plenty of tips and tricks on Google Analytics, but we think the most important focus for every business owner should be to know more about their customers. There are three different features of Google Analytics to get information on your visitors: Behaviour Flow reports, Enhanced eCommerce metrics and User IDs. All of them will tell you how users are behaving on your site, so it helps you tailor your online business to the exact needs. 

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Know how visitors move through your site: use Behaviour Flow reports

If you know how your visitors move through your site, you will have the option to optimise your website performance and conversations directly tailored to your visitors’ current interests and customer journey.

You can reach Behaviour Flow from Google Analytics left sidebar’s Behaviour segment. The flow report lets you see the path visitors commonly take on your site from their first to their last page visit before they leave your site. Compared to the Users Flow Report, Behaviour Flow report only focuses on the content and not the user. From the site manager’s perspective, it is super helpful to know what content performs better than others.

Understand the purchasing process: use Enhanced eCommerce metrics

Google already had a fantastic eCommerce metric system utilised over time by eCommerce businesses, but Enhanced eCommerce is on the next level. It is available for all Universal Analytics users. The tool has so many features that it is impossible to cover them in one article. Just to name some cool features: you can add whole levels of product categories and measure them separately, you have access to full checkout procedure analytics, you can add product-only dimensions that are usable if you have a promotion for one product and want to know more metrics on that.

The tool is essential for everyone who relies heavily on eCommerce sales or affiliate marketing, but it needs very particular and delicate expertise to produce killer insights from the data.

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The ultimate spy-cam on users: User ID in Google Analytics

If your users are critical on an individual level, and you want to know almost everything on specific users: use the User ID. The User ID feature will add a single ID for each user that visits your site. You will get a more reliable user number which is vital for businesses that operate a great community. You will also get more behavior metrics from specific users. You will know what they do and how they react to your website on all levels, individually. But the best part is that you will have the ability to distinguish acquisition, engagement and conversion, which is one of the hardest jobs for all analytics experts.

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