How to Use Social Media Channels for B2B Strategy

Most social media channels focus on business to consumer (B2C), but can they be used for business to business (B2B) communication effectively? We believe in people, and not companies. Individuals who create organisations and individuals who are communicating on behalf of a company, therefore we don’t think there should be a necessary distinction between the two segments in social media. But there are some general rules. This post is all about these rules and trends.

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Not just LinkedIn

If anyone mentions B2B and social media, the first thing to come to mind is LinkedIn. The reason is that B2B marketers only think of leads and LinkedIn is the most useful tool to generate leads. But social media marketing is not – just – about generating leads, it is also about pulling consumers into your communication. It’s longer term branding, rather than sales. Facebook is great for community building and instant communication, Twitter can spread your news and Instagram, and YouTube can help you in visual branding. Once you’ve mastered social media communication, the old cold calls, and cold sales will seem too traditional. The best leads are those that come to you before you even reach out to them, this is also known as inbound marketing.

Your company – your personality 

The tone of voice is highly important. As you are a company, you have company values. Same as people, who also have values. Creating an efficient tone of voice is a must, that reflects your company’s values and effectively creates a company personality. Use this tone of voice every time you engage on social media, and it makes your company more human, more approachable, more open. Consider creating a style guide if you haven’t already, that helps define your brand personality.


Personalities, like people, are nothing without good connections to others.

Don’t be afraid to engage with other users on social media personally with your company accounts.  Just remember, social media is not a presentation of your company values –it’s a table for two (or more) people having a conversation.

Create a process and find the right person

It’s a rare thing when your traditional direct marketer or sales team can be as productive on social media as a tailored social media manager or digital marketer. Hire someone who has an already established reputation on social media, in any field.

Writing down your social media strategy and the processes you need to implement it, is also beneficial. This should contain the platforms you use and how, your written tone of voice guidelines, your preferred metrics, KPIs and goals for social media and the internal processes to implement the strategy successfully.

TIP: Consider hiring a social media agency for a short period of time to get best practices implemented for your business.

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